How we work

We use modern and mutually compatible technologies. We have quality insights from tens of thousands of verified respondents in the Czech Republic and abroad. For research projects, we use online platforms adapted for various methodologies. Thanks to them, we are able to co-create strategies that help companies make the right decisions.


We conduct most of our qualitative research on the Collabito platform, ranging from video focus groups to live chats and online insight forums. Collabito is a constantly evolving tool that allows for the use of various multimedia techniques and the acquisition of detailed and extensive data. Additionally, Collabito supports localization into almost twenty languages.

One of the main advantages of Collabito is the ability for clients to observe the research process in real-time. The client’s profile remains hidden from the respondents. During the discussion or interview itself, the client also has the option to communicate directly with the moderator via a text chat.

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Consulting and strategy

Analysis and interpretation are the most important parts of research. We always carefully analyze all data and try to extract as much useful information as possible. It is important for us that our research has a real impact.

However, our collaboration does not end with the submission of the final report. On the contrary, we try to offer additional steps. We provide consultation on further strategy and prefer an open approach and mutual cooperation.

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Project phases

We are as transparent as possible in our communication with the client and we always consult on all research steps in advance. Based on the methods used, recommendations, and long-term strategy, we work with the client to ensure that they have the final say.

  • Thorough brief

  • Customized solutions

  • Recommendations and Strategy