What we do

Different research designs are suitable for different goals. We know this, having worked in the field for over 20 years. In our work, we use a wide range of methods that we have perfected over years of practice. We can combine individual procedures appropriately, and we always consult the final design of the project with the client.

Online insight forum

A modern qualitative method that allows for a deeper understanding of customer habits and the thinking of respondents. Data collection takes the form of diaries, in which respondents record their extensive answers to exploratory questions over a period of several days.

  • Authentic insight into the world of the respondent, without stylization

  • In-depth understanding

  • A large amount of data


Customer research

We focus on continuous research of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and other trends in the area of customer relationships with companies. We build our own research online communities, which facilitate quick feedback as well as new ideas and inspiration. We conduct customer research in both QUAL and QUANT forms.

  • Our own online research communities

  • Quick implementation of qualitative and quantitative methods

  • Thorough analysis and specific recommendations


UX research

We test user experiences with online tools and other products. Thanks to this set of methods, we gain a detailed insight into how products and services are used. The goal is to understand potential users and improve the final product based on informed decisions.

  • Understanding user behavior

  • High-quality feedback

  • Focus on online tools



Our cooperation with the client does not end with the final report. We always offer professional consultation based on the research data. We advocate a personal approach to the client, and our team specializes in interpreting research in the specific environment of the particular client. Therefore, we are happy to help with strategies or with detailed issues related to the given business.

  • Personal approach

  • Our cooperation lasts as long as the client wants

  • Our work with the client does not end with the final report



We facilitate a specific type of research where the consumers themselves participate in the design of the product or service. We ensure the recruitment of respondents and prepare the research design. Co-creation connects companies with customers and enables them to understand consumer needs, preferences, and habits.

  • Creative process

  • Interaction with customers

  • Penetrating the consumer mind


Private panel

We help to set up a private panel to maximize the use of data from your loyalty programs and customer behavior. We provide both technical and methodological support. A private panel is an ideal foundation for long-term tracking, ad-hoc quantitative surveys, or more complex qualitative projects. We have experience in building panels of various sizes and in different countries.

  • Simple research recruitment

  • Thousands of diverse respondents

  • Linking with loyalty programs


Home use test

Your product will be sent to target groups for testing in their natural environment as part of the testing process. This is an effective way to test concepts, products, and services before their full launch on the market. You will receive very specific feedback and suggestions for improvement.

  • For testing new products

  • Immediate feedback

  • Understanding the market before product launch